NGASU (Sibstrin) became a participant of the second Siberian-French Online Higher Education Salon

On September 22-23, 2020, the Second Siberian-French Online Higher Education Salon was held with the support of the French Embassy in Russia. The event was co-organized by Novosibirsk and Tomsk State Universities, Alliance Francaise - Novosibirsk, and Campus-France. The purpose of the event was to develop and deepen existing contacts between France and Siberia in the field of higher education and academic science, create new partnerships.

From the Russian side the meeting was attended by the universities of Siberian cities such as: Novosibirsk (NSUACE (Sibstrin), NSU), Tomsk (TSU, TPU, TUSUR), Irkutsk (ISU, ISMU, IRNITU, BSU), Krasnoyarsk (SFU), Tyumen (Tyumen State University) and others. From the French side, the following universities took part: Higher Polytechnic School, Higher Institute of Aerodynamics and Space, Higher National School of Bridges and Roads, Higher Engineering School, Lorraine Polytechnic University of Nancy, Polytechnic University of Nantes, Higher Paris School of Telecommunications, Higher National Engineering School of the City of Limoges, Graduate School of Mining Engineers Albi-Carmo, University of Paris-Saclay (branch of the Paris Graduate School), University of Cergy, University of Paris-Saclay (French research center), University of Paris-Est Creteil, University of Paris-Nantes, University of the Municipality Poe, University of Montpellier 3, University of Burgundy Franche-Comté, University of Lille, University of Bordeaux, University of Rennes.

On September 22, Director of the Institute for International Affairs Natalya Valerievna Sineeva briefly introduced the NSUACE (Sibstrin) to all the participants of the meeting. And also later, B2B meetings were held with colleagues from other universities in France (Universities of Bordeaux, municipality of Pau). The purpose of this format of meetings is a more focused communication with the certain universities, related in scientific research and educational programs.

On September 23, the XI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Cooperation between Siberian and French universities: problems and solutions" was held. Welcoming remarks were made by the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Novosibirsk Region, Honorary Consul of France in Novosibirsk Grigory Milogulov and the rectors of the organizing universities.

The conference was attended by over 40 people – representatives of higher education in Russia (Siberian region) and France. The participants made 15 reports. Natalya Sineeva, Director of the Institute of Internal Affairs of NSUACE (Sibstrin), spoke about the possibility of interaction within the framework of the regional educational project "Eco-Man", aimed at forming a community of specialists with new environmental reasoning, which is a good tool of international environmental diplomacy that allows attracting the attention of the international scientific community to the issue of environmental safety.

The head of the Institute for International Affairs of the NSUACE (Sibstrin) expresses gratitude to colleagues – A. Bazina, N. Merkulova, N. Morozova, I. Makarikhina, E. Lytkina – for preparing materials on French universities and organizing the event.