30 first-year students of NSUACE (Sibstrin) participated in an online trivia game in English

On the New Year’s Eve, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of NSUACE (Sibstrin) represented by Associate Professor A.A. Anikina and assistant N.V. Merkulova organized and conducted a trivia game called "Christmas Quiz" in an online format.

 "Christmas Quiz" is a team game for first-year students, consisting of contests and assignments on various topics in English that require well-coordinated work of the whole team.

There were 7 teams formed out of 30 students of NSUACE (Sibstrin) and they were challenged with both fun and serious questions from different categories, many of which caused lively discussions. For 90 minutes, the participants recalled famous cartoons, puzzled over riddles, applied their professional knowledge in the field of architecture, construction and even sang songs!

According to the results of the competition, the winning teams are:

I place - "Chill'yata", participants: Elizaveta Kalacheva, Kirill Olisov, Olga Slivko;

II place - "Ginger Cookies", participants: Maxim Maltsev, Peter Stolbushkin, Danil Stoev, Viktor Ivanov, Kristina Zatolokina;

III place - "NAVI", participants: Kirill Pirozhkov, Vladislav Kuznetsov, Ivan Sharipov.

Here are the impressions of the students who took part in the game. Olya Slivko, student of the group 112, captain of the winning team: “I liked the game, we had to quickly answer questions with riddles, English idioms and songs through team discussion. We had fun with our groupmates, I especially liked the round with the songs. "

Christina Zatolokina, student of the group 141: “It was very exciting, I liked that we had to remember cartoons, books and even songs! We rallied and had a good time. "

Kirill Pirozhkov, student of the group 110: "All the tasks were very interesting, I immediately cheered up!"

And here is what the organizer of the game, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Language Anna Aleksandrovna Anikina says: “This is another experience – playing in an online format. It's a bit unusual not to see the reaction of the students, but they claim that they liked it. I am very glad that the students, despite the workload, found time to participate. The teams' results are impressive, especially considering that for many of them it was the first game. "

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​expresses gratitude to all teams for their active participation and interest they took in the game!

We hope that the trivia game will become a good tradition and will cheer students up before the winter exam session, regardless of the format!