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NSUACE (Sibstrin) signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese corporation "Hongsheng"

On December 18, 2018, Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) and the Harbin Hongsheng Corporation (Harbin, PRC) concluded a cooperation agreement. The document, signed by Rector Yuri Skolubovich and General Designer of the Corporation Lin Guohai, will launch the strategic partnership of the parties and the implementation of investment projects in the Novosibirsk region. The cooperation agreement is aimed at developing the construction industry of the Novosibirsk region and includes resolving issues related to the introduction of innovative technologies, promoting new building materials to the market, and participating in the design and construction of new projects. The possibility of using construction technologies developed by NSUACE (Sibstrin) in China will also be considered.

An open lecture by Professor of Harbin Polytechnic University Lin Guohai on the theme "Low-Rise energy-efficient construction in cold regions of China" was held at Sibstrin

On December 17, 2018, the general designer of the Harbin Corporation Hongsheng (Harbin, China), the author of numerous scientific papers and patents, professor of Harbin Polytechnic University and honorary professor of a number of foreign universities Lin Guohai delivered an open lecture at NSUACE (Sibstrin). The event was held as part of the working visit of the delegation of the Harbin Corporation Hongsheng to our university. The theme of the lecture was devoted to low-rise energy-efficient construction in the cold regions of China and aroused great interest among students, undergraduates, graduate students and teachers of Sibstrin.

Serbia and Russia: Сontinued Сooperation

In the middle of November 2018, the next step was made in joint research and educational work of NSUACE (Sibstrin) and the University of Belgrade (Serbia). The rectors of our universities met to discuss the future prospects of joint scientific and educational cooperation and sources of funding. The long-term plan includes the mutual exchange of lecturers in the framework of educational activities at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels, participation in the work of the graduate examination committee for the graduation theses defense at the graduate and postgraduate level, joint research, publications and others. It is planned to sign an additional agreement to the framework cooperation agreement in February 2019.

The UNESCO Chair Master Students’ Internship at the University of Belgrade (Serbia)

From November 19 till November 24, 2018, master students of the UNESCO Chair at NSUACE (Sibstrin) completed internship at the University of Belgrade (Serbia). The University of Belgrade prepared a very rich and interesting program for our master students. In just one week they got acquainted with the extensive educational and scientific activities of the university, as well as with the rich culture and architecture of Serbia. The language of communication was English, so it allowed our master students to successfully apply their communication skills. On the first day our group had a tour around the university buildings. The students visited a library, the building where architecture, engineering and hydraulic engineering departments are situated. Special attention was paid to the hydrotechnical laboratory, where the students could learn about all the details of the operation of various water treatment facilities in miniature.

NSUACE (Sibstrin) and the leading university of Moldova signed a cooperation agreement

Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) signed an agreement on academic cooperation with the Technical University of Moldova. The agreement was signed on November 16, 2018 during the working visit of the rector of NSUACE (Sibstrin) Yu. L. Skolubovich to the Republic of Moldova. Within the framework of the signed document the parties intend to promote international academic cooperation. In particular, the agreement will allow to develop academic mobility of teachers and students, exchange materials and publications in the field of education and scientific research, conduct joint research and organize meetings on problems of education and science.

Department of Building Materials, Standardization and Certification of NSUACE (Sibstrin) took part in an international conference in Uzbekistan

On October 27-28, 2018, an international conference was held at the Namangan Institute of Civil Engineering (Uzbekistan) on the topic “Current issues of using local raw materials of the Fergana Valley for the production of import-substituting products”. The Department of Building Materials, Standardization and Certification of NSUACE (Sibstrin) took part in the event. Within the framework of the conference academic staff of the department online participated in the section "Problems of production of competitive materials and efficient use of technical and technological resources in production."

NSUACE (Sibstrin) develops strategic partnerships with universities and companies of northern China

From 11 to 14 October 2018 Vice-Rector for Science and Prospective Development of NSUACE (Sibstrin) Dmitry A. Obozny took part in the VII International Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Achievements as a member of the delegation of the Novosibirsk Region. The Exhibition was held in Harbin (China). This is one of the most significant intergovernmental strategic projects of the PRC, created to promote the international transfer of high technologies, the exchange of professional personnel and scientific and technical innovation cooperation. Among the participants of the Exhibition there were representatives of higher educational institutions, research institutes, scientific and technical enterprises from 15 countries of the world, including Russia, Belarus, Finland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, Singapore

The geography of students in Sibstrin increased up to 64 countries

It has already become a tradition that the geography of students at the university is growing every year. In 2018 representatives from Costa Rica, Libya, Namibia, Ecuador arrived to get education at our university. Thus, the geography of students has increased to 64 countries. Currently representatives from 27 countries are studying at NSUACE (Sibstrin).


From July 1 to July 8, 2018, the largest conference in Russia on the problems of computer modeling in construction, the VII International Symposium "Actual Problems of Computational Simulation in Civil engineering ",was held in Novosibirsk on the basis of Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences . The symposium gathered a record number of participants. More than 300 (about 200 full-time participants) scientists and specialists from different cities of Russia and foreign countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Armenia, the USA, Vietnam and Serbia discussed theoretical foundations and problems of computer modeling

The Second International Summer School "Sustainable Development of Urban Green Infrastructure" took place at the UNESCO Chair of NSUACE (Sibstrin)

From July 2 till July 6, 2018, the Second International summer school with the participation of students and professors from the Republic of Serbia was held on the basis of NGASU (Sibstrin). The theme of the Summer School "Sustainable Development of Urban Green Infrastructure" is of current interest for any city and any agglomeration of the world. The task is to implement new approaches to green infrastructure in urban areas aimed at improving the functioning of ecosystems in megacities, at supporting the development of green economy and sustainable land and water resources management.

NSUACE (Sibstrin) signed a cooperation agreement with Kazakhstan Leading Academy

On June 19, 2018, the delegation of Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Alma-Ata) visited NSUACE (Sibstrin). President of the Academy A. Kusainov and Vice-President A. Nesipbaev were on the delegation. During the visit Rector Yuri Skolubovich and President Amirlan Kusainov signed an agreement on cooperation and joint activities between Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) and Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The subject of the agreement is cooperation in the field of education and science. The parties also agreed to establish a branch of the UNESCO International Chair of NSUACE (Sibstrin).

Professor of University of Stuttgart Uwe Gaisbauer delivered an interactive lecture in NSUACE (Sibstrin)

On April 23, 2018, NSUACE (Sibstrin) hosted an interactive introductory lecture of a well-known scientist in the field of aerodynamics and computer modeling of Dr. Uwe Gaisbauer (University of Stuttgart, Germany). The topic of the lecture delivered in English was "Applied Aerodynamics". The event, which opened a series of lectures planned for the next academic year, was organized by the International Affairs Center and the “Cadfem-Sibstrin” Research and Education Center for Computer Modeling with the support of the Institute for Further Education. Before the beginning of the event, the director of the International Affairs Center A. Shevchenko and the director of "Cadfem-Cibstrin" Professor N. Fedorova came up with a welcoming speech.

NSUACE (Sibstrin) and Incheon National University (South Korea) signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding. Within its framework the parties plan to develop cooperation in the area of educational exchange, including the UNESCO program, take part in joint research and projects, implement double diploma programs and organize work on the joint use of laboratory facilities. The document was signed during the working visit of the rector of Sibstrin to the South Korean university, which took place on November 1- 3, 2017. In recent years Incheon National University has become one of the most significant partners of NSUACE (Sibstrin).

Delegation from Belgrade University visited Sibstrin

On June 16, 2017, Head of the UNESCO Chair for Water Management of Belgrade University and Member of the Serbian National Commission for UNESCO Chair, Serbian National Committee for UNESCO IHP, Professor of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering Department Jovan Despotovich and Member of the UNESCO Water Management Team of Serbia, Professor of the Hydrology and Hydraulics Department of Belgrade University Marco Ivetich arrived at NSUACE (Sibstrin) The visit took place in connection with the International Conference under the auspices of UNESCO "Ecologically safe technologies of environmental management and water use: theory and practice".

The first ecological UNESCO conference was held in Novosibirsk

On June 19-20, 2017, the first international conference under the auspices of UNESCO "Ecologically safe technologies of environmental management and water use: theory and practice" was held at Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin). Representatives of the authorities of the Novosibirsk region, UNESCO Chairs of UNITWIN / UNESCO Programme, representatives of international organizations, professional communities, universities and research institutions from 7 countries of the world and 10 cities of Russia took part in the conference. The international conference was timed to the Year of Ecology in Russia and the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs Programme. It was held under the official patronage of the Russian Federation Commission for UNESCO. It should also be noted that it was included in one hundred major events of the Novosibirsk region in the framework of the Year of Ecology, selected by the Governor V.F...